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Retro Games

Retro Games Ltd is made up of people with a combined games industry experience of over 100 years, having successfully produced and released many games across many formats, such the C64, Spectrum, GBA, Wii and more. Members of the team also successfully bought to market the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console, and Nintendo Wii Virtual Console C64 games.

Based in the UK, Retro Games operate on a global scale, the main people heading up Retro Games are:

  • Darren Melbourne – Co-creator of the C64DTV direct to TV C64 games console and has held senior positions in many game development and publishing companies such as Square Enix. Darren has extensive knowledge of game licensing and production.
  • Paul Andrews – Co-Creator of several games-based consoles. His previous companies were was responsible for many PC-based retro games and the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console C64 games. Paul has extensive experience in digital content publishing and management across multiple formats.
  • Chris Smith – Co-creator of several games-based consoles. Chris’s design, creative and engineering skills power much of what we do. An experienced engineer, technical architect, developer and author, he wrote world’s best book on “How to design a microcomputer”.

Behind the scenes there are many others working with us, from artists to coders, from animators to producers.