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Alien Breed 3D

In this realtime 3D first-person shooter, you must make your way through 16 levels of a base overrun by the Breed to reach an escape shuttle. Use an arsenal of devastating weaponry to defeat all manner of incredible enemies. Collect pickups, solve puzzles and avoid traps. Negotiate platforms and submerged sections to win through.

Option Action
1 PLAYER / 2 PLAYER MASTER / 2 PLAYER SLAVE Select player mode NOTE: On THEA500 only the 1 player mode can be used
PLAY GAME Start the game
CONTROL OPTIONS Takes you to a menu to reconfigure some of the keyboard controls
GAME CREDITS Displays the game credits
PASSWORD Enter a password here using the keyboard then choose PLAY GAME to jump to a particular level


The game begins with you facing a set of doors at the bottom of the storage bay. Your objective is to make your way through the overrun base to the shuttle on level 16.


When you enter Osiris Station you will find a selection of items dropped or abandoned by the research staff in their struggle with the escaping Breed. Scavenging this equipment is vital to your survival.

Some examples of items you can pick up:

Object Description
Security keys

You start the game with the Mark IV Pulse Rifle found in the Osiris Observatory. Other more powerful weapons may be found later in the game.

Game interface

  1. Vitality gauge
  2. Ammunition gauge
  3. Key indicators


- Eyes Only - Triple Alpha Clearance

Ident Code #2946/EA49

To :       General R.E.Grant
           Earth Defence Force - Titan Base

From :     Captain J.T.Reynolds

Message as follows (Encrpt code 47984-771473):


I've very little time.  The Breed have got out!  They've taken over the
station.  By pure chance I was outside when they made their move.

I've found some supplies and weapons in the disused observatory.

I intend to return to the base and search for some way to get off this
planet.  You must send the fleet to wipe this place clean whether I
succeed or not.

My oxygen is low I expect I have less than eighteen hours grace.

Wish me luck, General

Reynolds out.

Excerpt from Progress Report 4098 by Dr. Alan Stout - Director of Project Osiris

The eggs discovered in the aftermath of Azarin have proved fertile. Culture solution 34/R has resulted in over 70% hatching. The growth rate is phenomenal. We’re already seeing second generation clones. Modification and enhancement projects have been submitted…

Excerpt from Progress Report 4123 by Dr. J. Cleary - Head of Bio-engineering

The first phase of cybernetic enhancement is complete. Primary evaluation shows a high level of rejection and unstable bonding. Plans to introduce human DNA into the genome should improve stability by 30-40%.

Excerpt from Internal Memo by D. Deakin - Maintenance and Support Services

Given the astronomical increase in temporary system failures I need an extra digital-neuron technician to run diagnostics on all systems, especially containment. Thank God, none of those have failed yet.

The base looms dead and silent in front of you, blotting out the sky. The main entrance is out of the question, choked with rubble and bodies, not all of them human. You don’t look too closely. Picking your way through the debris around the perimeter, you spot a potentail way in, a service entrance located in a storage bay below ground level. Gripping the all too familiar pulse rifle tightly you lower yourself into the pit. No turning back now…

You can hear sounds of movement behind the doors. You raise the rifle in readiness as the doors slide open…