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Alien Breed: Special Edition 92

In this enhanced version of the classic top-view shooter you take on the might of a terrifying alien army infesting a Federation research station. Fight your way through 12 challenging maze-like levels. Complete missions and objectives. Collect powerful weapons. Overcome a range of aliens, and try not to get trapped in enclosed spaces with huge boss aliens.

ONE / TWO PLAYER GAME Select number of players
VIEW HISCORE View the top ten hiscore table
SHARE CREDITS Toggle share credits mode (when this is on, credits picked up by either player are shared between both)
START GAME Starts the game

Using consoles

Various computer consoles are located throughout the station. Approach and activate these consoles to purchase useful items such as weapons, keys and ammunition.

The holo-map

You can purchase a portable holo-map of the station from the computer consoles. If you are near a console the holo-map will work better.

Game interface

  1. Player 1 health
  2. Player 1 lives
  3. Player 1 ammunition
  4. Player 1 keys
  5. Player 2 health
  6. Player 2 lives
  7. Player 2 ammunition
  8. Player 2 keys


2191…and the galaxy stands unwittingly on the brink of war.

The colonisation, it had happened so fast, first the breathroughs, initial tentative steps and finally the stampede. People rushing from the smog ridden, claustrophobic earth bases to the freedom and promise of the enterprising stellar colonies.

But the dawn of widespread and economical space travel brought with it new legacies, new crime and a new era of greed. As tension inevitably spiralled, in Interplantary Corps were born as a peace-keeping force.

Johnson and Stone were crack members of an elite IPC patrol unit, returning back to Federation HQ after a six month spell in the outer spiral arm, nothing had troubled them, but nothing usually did in such a remote section of the galaxy, they were relieved to be going home.

Then came the orders to check out a distant space station in the Intex network… ISRC-4 had ceased transmitting on all Federation wavelengths… it could be a magnetic storm or another fickle revolt against authority… whatever it was, they were ordered in…

Stone logged the station’s co-ordinates into Miraculous’s nav-comp and initiated the engines for the small ion-drive… The craft’s engines shuddered as it picked up the pace and within a couple of hours they were in orbit around the gas-giant Gianor, where the station was located.

Johnson and Stone shrugged their shoulders, everything looked fine, sure things seemed a little quiet, but there was evidence of magnetic activity…

Miraculous fired her retros and began her approach into one of the station’s three landing bays… they were going in…

Useful background information

Intex Systems was the name behind many of the technological breakthroughs of the period, they were responsible for the huge increase in colonisation and for most of the complex computer and droid operated stations.

Most systems had Intex computer systems networked throughout, offering many services to the crew including a spot of light relief, Space Tennis, which was the very latest entertainment craze, along with first aid packs, ammo packs, deck-maps and suchlike which were all available instantly via the matter displacement unit.

Intex Space Research Centre No.4 (ISRC-4) was a typical example, shrouded in mystery it was the nerve-centre of complex and secret security operations - many prototype systems were rumoured to be in design there and very few were privvy to the exact operations.