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Another World

In this cinematic action adventure you are a young scientist fighting for survival after you are accidentally transported to an alien world. Try to stay alive until you can acquire a weapon. Fail to dodge a hazard and you’ll go back to the last checkpoint. You can skip the introduction and use level code EDJI to jump straight into the action.

Introduction cutscene

To skip the introduction cutscene, enter code EDJI


Must not forget to insert the last calculations for tonight’s test!

Lester Knight Chaykin
on the ???

I am taking the advantage of this short period of rest to record some useful information in the notebook which has survived my recent adventures. I am now separated from my companion in the escape, without whom I could certainly not have got away. I hope I will manage to find him and above all, I hope he is not dead, for I owe him my life.

But for the time being, my main objective is to get out of this maze of underground galleries, where I am wandering with no indication of the passage of time. On top of that, I constantly encounter streams that threaten to flood these galleries at any time.

Concerning the weapon I have found, I have now understood the way it works. Pressing the trigger releases a single shot. Press it longer, and and energy ball appears—if you release the trigger at this moment, a field of force is created. If you hold the trigger down, the ball gets bigger and becomes devastating in its effect, yet greedy in energy.

The weapon-light seems to be a charge indicator.