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Project-X: Special Edition 93

This tough horizontal scrolling shooter has you taking on a group of rogue defective military droids that have become sentient and are out for revenge. Choose your spacecraft. Collect power-ups to upgrade your guns, buildup, side shots, homing missiles, plasma, magma and laser beam. Battle hundreds of alien ships across five levels.

Choice Description
ONE PLAYER / TWO PLAYER Choose number of players.
START LEVEL Select level to start from. Arcade Mode only. Only levels that you have previously completed will are available.
OPTIONS Takes you to the options menu.
START GAME Starts the game.

Options menu

Option Description
SELECT CRAFT Select from one of three spacecraft, each with different strengths and weaknesses.
ARCADE MODE / ROOKIE MODE Select game mode. Arcade mode: standard difficulty; Rookie mode: easier difficulty.
LOAD/SAVE HISCORE Load or save the hiscore table. On THEA500 it is instead recommended to use the Save game feature.
AUTOFIRE Set whether autofire is enabled at the start.

Playing the game

Collect powerup credits to advance along the powerup bar.

Press to activate the currently highlighted powerup:

Increases your craft’s movement speed.
Increases the power of your craft’s forward guns.
Hold and release to fire a large energy bolt.
Increase the power of your craft’s side guns.
Increase the power of your craft’s homing missiles.
Powerful energy bolts.
Fires a bolt of flame.
A super powerful cutting laser.
Renders your ship invincible.

Game interface

  1. Player 1’s lives
  2. Player 1’s score
  3. Hiscore
  4. Player 2’s lives
  5. Player 2’s score
  6. Powerup bar


It’s the same old story, someone else’s mistake has become your problem… the fools, the mad fools… the scientists did it for fun, they must have done, no one wanted massive mutated insect-like droids, the by-products of early bio-mechanical experiments with powerful x-rays, not me and not you. Dumped on the planet Ryxx and presumably left to degenerate, stagnate and fade out—the sickening mutations not only survived but thrived, their intelligence circuits warped by the past and left seeking revenge. Fears of a possible all-out attack has forced the Federation into action! Your mission is simple: fly to Ryxx, into the heart of the station the evil has made its lair and blow the whole thing sky high.