Gamepad Action
Move cursor up
Move cursor down
Move cursor left
Move cursor right
Skip cutscene
Skip cutscene
Skip cutscene
Virtual keyboard
Mouse Action
Move cursor up
Move cursor down
Move cursor left
Move cursor right
Skip cutscene

Simon the Sorcerer

In this humorous point-and-click adventure you are transported to a parallel universe to rescue the wizard Calypso from the evil sorcerer Sordid. Interact with characters and objects. Explore the world and use your map to return to previously visited locations. Solve puzzles and complete your mission to be returned to your own universe.

How to play

This game uses a verb-noun control system. To make Simon attempt to do things, select a verb from the list in the bottom-left of the screen, then select the object you want to perform that action with, either in the world or in Simon’s inventory.

The available verbs are as follows:

Walk to
Simon tries to walk to something or somewhere. The target can be an object or an empty area of the screen.
Simon tries to eat or drink something.
Talk to
Simon tries to strike up a conversation with something or someone.
Look at
Simon looks at something and attempts to describe it. He may move closer to it before doing so.
Pick up
Simon tries to pick something up and put it in his inventory (his magic hat).
Simon tries to take off something he previously put on with the Wear verb.
Simon tries to open something, such as a door or a chest.
Simon tries to close something.
Simon tries to put on something, such as an item of clothing.
Simon tries to push or pull something.
This verb usually requires two objects to be selected. Simon tries to use one object on the other, or combine those objects in some way.
Selecting this verb along with the Map or Postcard items in Simon’s inventory will show those items' screens.
This action requires an object and then a character to be selected. Simon tries to give the object to that character.

During conversations, a list of dialogue options replaces the verbs and inventory in the lower part of the screen. Select a line of dialogue to have Simon say it.

The Map

Using the Map item in Simon’s inventory allows you to fast-travel to any previously visited key location in the game, presuming Simon is not currently trapped somewhere. Select a destination to travel there, or select the compass to cancel.

The Postcard

This item originally allowed the player to save and load their game, as well as providing a way to quit the game. On THEA500 it is recommended instead to use THEA500’s Save game feature.


It often helps to start with some sort of introduction so here we go…

Once upon a time It all started on the day of Simon’s 12th birthday. He was having a party, not a modern rave party that 12-year-olds have these days, but a quiet English affair with jelly and ice-cream, pin-the-tail-on-grandma and a magician called Marvelo. He specialised in pulling rabbits out of hats and making seemingly endless quantities of brightly coloured handkerchiefs appear from his mouth.

Simon took great pleasure in pointing out how these tricks were done to his awe-struck friends, and eventually had to be physically restrained by his father to prevent Marvelo the Magician becoming Marvelo the Murderer.

When blowing-out-the-candles time came, Simon wished for a Gameboy from his grandparents, and for his older brother to fall down something deep and preferably spiky. He was surprised when later the doorbell rang and, upon opening the door, he discovered a small, scruffy looking dog wrapped up in shiny paper. After unsuccessfully trying to install his friend’s Tetris cart, he was persuaded that it was not a new Gameboy after all.

The dog (he called it Chippy) had a strange book in its mouth that no-one could read. His parents hadn’t the heart to tell the young boy the dog wasn’t for him and that they had no idea from where or whom it came. It was, after all, a new target for the boyish sadism found in all youngsters. The family adopted the dog and the book was dumped in the loft and forgotten…

Until now…