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Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

In this futuristic full-contact sports game your challenge is to take Brutal Deluxe, the worst team in Speedball history, and turn them into champions. Play in knockout, league or cup matches. Buy and sell players to improve your team. Train your squad at the gym. Tackle, pass and score goals. Pick up armor and weaponry on the pitch. Try to survive the season.

Main Menu

Option Description
1 PLAYER GAME A single player game mode against the computer
2 PLAYER GAME A game mode between two players
DEMO Shows a demo match
REPLAY GOALS Shows replays of previously recorded goals

1 Player Game

Game type Description
KNOCKOUT A series of matches against ever-tougher teams until you lose.
LEAGUE Control Brutal Deluxe, one of the less-fancied sides in Division 2, through the Speedball League.
CUP Control Brutal Deluxe through a knockout tournament.
PRACTISE A match with no opposition for practising in.

Before each match in Knockout, League, and Cup modes, the player can manage the team in the Manager screen.

2 Player Game

Choose from a single match, or a best-of-three or -five match series.

Each player will gain access to the Gym screen before each match to upgrade their players.


Go to the Transfer screen (only if there are players available on the market).
View the current League table or Cup fixture list.
View the previous match statistics.
Save the League/Cup tournament progress. It is recommended to use THEA500’s Save game feature instead.
Go to the Gym screen.
Leave the manager screen and start/return to the match.
View details of the upcoming/current match.
Scroll through the players.
Substitute a player. Selected player in the squad will be replaced by the chosen subtitute.
Squad portraits
Select which player will be substituted.


Individual training
Cycle through players to train individually.
Group training
Cycle through groups of players (attack, midfield, defence, subtitutes) to train individually.
Team training
Choose to train all players on the team.
Buy all
Buy 10 points of training in all attributes.
Leave the gym screen and return to the Manager screen (or start/continue the match).
View details of the upcoming/current match.
Scroll through the players/groups.
Buy 10 points of training in the currenly selected attribute.
Select aggression training. Aggression governs whether the player will attack or avoid opponents. Very aggressive players will ignore the ball and focus on attacking opponents.
Select attack training. Attack governs skill in taking the ball from opponents.
Select defence training. Defence governs skill in preventing the ball from being taken from the player.
Select speed training. Speed governs movement speed, sliding and jumping distance.
Select throwing training. Throwing governs how far a player can throw the ball.
Select power training. Power governs how much damage a player’s tackles do to opponents.
Select stamina training. Stamina governs resistance to being tackled.
Select intelligence training. Intelligence governs awareness of surroundings, and prediction of player and ball movements.


Leave the transfer screen and return to the Manager screen.
View details of the upcoming match.
Scroll through the players available to buy.
Buys the selected player – money will be deducted from your bank, the selected player in your squad will be dismissed, and the new player will take their place.
Squad portraits
Select which player will be replaced.

The Match

Player Control

You always control the closest player to the ball. They will be highlighted with an arc in your team colour, or (if they are currently in possession of the ball) with a letter denoting which position they are in (A: attackers, M: midfield players, D: defenders, W: wingers, G: goalkeeper).

Move the player with .

If you are in possession of the ball, press the action button to throw it. A short press will throw the ball at waist height, a longer press will throw the ball high in the air. Use just after throwing to apply a subtle aftertouch to the direction of the ball.

If you are not in possession of the ball, and the ball is in the air near your player, press the action button to attempt to jump and catch it.

If you are not in possession of the ball, and the ball is on the ground near your player, press the action button to attempt to slide and pick it up.

If the ball is in an opponent’s possession, press the action button to attempt a tackle.


Points are awarded for the following:

Each goal scores 10 points.
Bounce Domes
Hit a bounce dome with a ball to score 2 points.
Star Targets
Hit a star target on the opposing end of the pitch with a ball to score 2 points. Light up all 5 stars for a 10 point bonus. Hit lit-up star targets on your own end of the pitch with a ball to switch them off, deducting 2 points from the opposing team’s score.
Score Multiplier
Take control of the score multiplier to increase all other points scored. Throw the ball up the ramp to swing the score multiplier to your team’s control. Lights on top of the score multiplier show which team is in control. One light denotes a ×1.5 multiplier, and 2 lights a ×2 multiplier.
Injuring opponents
Injure an opposing player (causing them to be stretchered off the pitch) to gain 10 points.

Other field features

Throw a ball at the electrobounce to electrify it. An electrified ball will tackle players that it hits. Take control of the Score Multiplier to increase the number of players the electrified ball can tackle.
Warp Gate
Throw a ball into a warp gate to transport it from one side of the pitch to the other.



Tokens apply an effect for 6 seconds on pickup.

Freeze team
Freezes the opposing team
Reverses the movement controls of the opposing team
Reduce team
Reduces all opponents’ attributes to minimum
Increase team
Increases all your players’ attributes to maximum
Increases all players’ attributes to maximum
Slow team
Reduces all opponents’ speed attributes to minimum
Grab ball
Teleports the ball into your current player’s hand
Teleports the ball into your centre forward’s hand
Goal door
Prevents the ball entering your goal
Makes your team immune to tackles
Full energy
Boosts a single player’s energy and attributes to initial values
Zap team
Tackles all on-screen opponents


Hardware items affect a single player. Players holding a hardware item that are tackled will drop the item. Items dropped in this way twice will vanish.

Increase speed
Increases defence
Increases power
Increases throwing
Increases intelligence
Increases attack
Increases stamina
Bitmap Shades
Increase aggression


Coins add 100 credits to your bank (200 in a Cup match).


Division 1

Many followers of the league reckon that Powerhouse are well overdue for relegation. Due to several violent clashes with Lethal Formula their defence is severely weakened and their attack in unable to summon the strength that nearly brought them victory.
Rage 2100
Despite a reputation for extreme violence the other qualities of the team have prevented them from ever scraping themselves off the lower ranks of division 1. Their power and attack are notable but they are no longer an effective first division team.
Mean Machine
Due to a series of defeats their defenders and midfield have become have become a liability to the team. They have suffered fewer injuries than most teams because of their defensive abilities and stamina.
Explosive Lords
Although on paper this team is very average some have doubted the ability of their attack. The light build of this squad has resulted in a slightly faster team that generally avoids contact.
Lethal Formula
Taking after their name, this is the most destructive team in divisiion 1. Their attack squad contains players who combine extreme aggression, power, intelligence and attacking abilities. Many players have fallen under the blows of Lethal Formula.
Turbo Hammers
The best defensive squad in the whole history of Speedball, few balls get past the grabbing hands of the Turbo Hammers. Once they have the ball few are able to recover it and long throws down the pitch have set up many goals. The midfield complement the strong defence and the attack are competent but nothing special.
Fatal Justice
An attack that is second to none has sometimes placed Fatal Justice at the top of the league. Speed, intelligence and power have given them a string of victories though their defence has not been quite as effective.
Super Nashwan
The superstars of the league, spending every day in training and tactics sessions has resulted in a team that relies upon sheer skill rather than brutality. To have played Super Naswan is to have player the best, their position in the league has sometimes been challenged by Fatal Justice and Turbo Hammers, they have no apparent weaknesses.

Division 2

Basically the worst team in the Speedball League. Midfield and attack are appaling, the only redeeming feature is a slightly less than average defence which have shown some signs of intelligence.
Raw Messiahs
Another hopeless team, their extreme aggression is let down by their low power. Their defence is the lowest in the division and the rest of the team hardly rise above their level. A team that will provide little resistance to a concerted attack.
Violent Desire
Despite their name this team is unaggressive and weak in the attack, their defence has proved its strength in past seasons but this average team has never risen to the upper ranks of the division despite the defence’s above-average speed and throwing range.
A team that has specialised in lightning attacks for a couple of seasons. They are intelligent but their defence has generally weakened the side. They have occasionally threatened Steel Fury for the top position in the division.
With one of the best attacking formations in the division the Renegades are rated highly among Speedball experts. This attacking strength is let down by an average defence. Fast, intelligent, and agressive, few can stop the Renegades.
The defensive squad of this team are legendary, few shots get past their excellent goalie. The defenders have some of the best throwing arms in the division and can down most attackers. Intelligence combined with speed make Damocles formidable in all areas.
Steel Fury
Steel Fury have sat at the top of division 2 for three seasons in a row, after a frantic spending spree they now have a first rate team. The fast super-intelligent attackers have broken nearly every team in the league, they are supported by an experienced and unshakeable mid-field.

Game Interface

  1. Blue team’s score
  2. Blue team’s energy
  3. Time remaining
  4. Red team’s score
  5. Red team’s energy


During the past two years, Speedball has undergone a transformation. Teams have been reorganised and renamed, new stadia have been built, and the league has been split into two divisions. The most important changes have occurred on the pitch: it’s now 100% bigger, and includes a host of new features. Speedball 2 is a different ball game.