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Stunt Car Racer

In this 3D driving game, you are one of 12 competitors racing on raised tracks without barriers through four divisions with the aim of winning the league. Avoid gaps in the track. If you fall off you’ll lose valuable time. Use your limited turbos wisely. Each of the eight tracks is more difficult and dangerous than the last. If your car takes too much damage, your race is over.

Option Description
Single Player League A single player mode where you win races against computer opponents to climb the ranks through several divisions.
Multiplayer A multiplayer mode where up to eight players compete across four racing seasons. Each individual race is against a computer opponent.
Computer Link Originally allowed two Amiga computers to link together, allowing for two-player simulatanious races. This functionality is not available on THEA500.

Race menu

Option Description
Hall of Fame View high scores for each track.
Practice Practice a track.
Start the Racing Season Start the next series of races.
Load/Save/Replay Load/Save: Load or save your current position in the league. Replay: Restarts the current season.

Game interface

  1. Current lap
  2. Available boost
  3. Distance ahead/behind opponent
  4. Speedometer
  5. Lit if you are leading
  6. Lit if you have the best lap time
  7. Current lap time
  8. Best lap time