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Time Bandit

In this top-view shooter you play a time bandit traversing mystical maze worlds linked by time gates. Collect treasure to increase your score and shoot anything that moves. Use keys to unlock doors and find your escape. Revisit worlds for increased challenge. Roam alone or with a friend.

Option Action
Exit Demo If a demo is currently being played, press the exit demo button on the controller to return to the menu screen and begin configuring a game.
1 Player Game To begin a game with one player from the menu screen, press the 1-player game button on the controller.
2 Player Game To begin a game with one player from the menu screen, press the 2-player game button on the controller.
High Scores To cycle between the menu and high scores screen, press the exit demo button on the controller, while a demo is not playing.

Press the exit demo button on the controller twice at any time to return to the main menu.

After losing all of your lives, the score screen is displayed with a prompt asking for a name. Use the virtual keyboard to enter a name, and press enter to confirm and return to the menu.

To start a new game without entering a name for your score, press the return button on the controller to exit to the menu immediately.


Time Bandit puts the player in control of a time bandit, with the task of finding great artifacts left by the “Guardians” of each Timegate, by exploring each land and its phases.

The Bandit begins their journey in The Timegates - a hub area, allowing the player to choose a Timegate to enter. Each Timegate is represented by a unique icon or building.

When walking into a Timegate, the player will enter its land, becoming trapped until the Way Out is found.

Each land in the Timegates has 16 distinct levels - 4 different major phases (1-4), each with 4 sub-phases (A-D).

When a level is completed, the time bandit returns to the Timegates. Enter the same level again to play the next major or sub phase. Each phase changes the Timegate’s level, providing more challenge and new areas to explore.

Complete every phase in every level to find the all Artifacts, and reach the end of the game!


When exploring a Timegate, each time bandit’s bravery is measured.

  • The current bravery determines how many points are given for eliminating an evil guardian. Bravery increases depending on how much of the Timegate you have explored, and how many enemies you have killed.
  • Bravery can increase to a maximum bonus of 50 and decreases over time.
  • Bravery resets every time the player leaves a Timegate.


Some levels contain mysteries which must be solved to obtain special rewards, required to escape the current Timegate.

When text that asks for an action or command to be inputted under it is shown on the screen, open the virtual keyboard by pressing the menu button on the controller, enter your response, and press enter on the virtual keyboard to confirm.

An example of two types of prompts is shown below:

Verb/Noun format for actions -  
"You see a hammer lying next ot a box. Command?" 
  GET HAMMER  Return 
  OPEN BOX  Return 

Direct format for specific questions - 
"Do you accept the King's quest?" 
  YES  Return 
"The guard asks, 'Who sent you?'" 
  KING QUARK  Return 


Items can be found throughout the various levels in Time Bandit, each serving different purposes:

One-way Doors
Allow the player to pass through them, but only in a certain direction. The direction is shown by green arrows pointing in the direction that you can pass.
Ladders give you access to upper areas of some lands - climb up and down the ladders to explore further!
Red Transporter Disks
These disks pulse red when on the screen, and can be used to teleport the time bandit to other areas of the level.
Locks require a key to be opened. Find a key in the areas of the land you can currently access, and move over the lock to open it.
Opening a lock is worth 250 cubits.
Keys can be picked up by moving the Time Bandit over them. You can only carry one key at a time.
Picking up a key is worth 150 cubits.
Way Out
Walking over the way out of a Timegate will return you to The Timegates, where you can choose the next land you wish to explore.
Various pieces of treasure can be found in each land. Each piece of treasure you find is worth 100 cubits more than the last. The first treasure in a land is worth 100 cubits, the second 200 cubits, and so on.

The player receives an extra life for every 1000 cubits earned.

Game interface

  1. Current Score
  2. Remaining Lives
  3. Bravery
  4. Current Items
  5. Level Name (Major Phase & Sub-Phase)


The Timegates were built by a powerful race to study the reaches of all time and space, reclaiming the lost archives of old and learning the lessons tomorrow’s worlds hold. These Lords of Time did not interfere, afraid that ghastly effects would appear. To alter the course of natural time was believed to be the most sinister crime.

But some insisted on using the gates to become “Guardians” and change the fates of all the worlds and their souls and seized the Timegates for these goals. The Guardians rode on a wave of change through castle, starship, and desert range. The riches they found were beyond all measure; taken by greed, they hoard their new treasure.

Into all the confusion the time bandit goes Among Guardians he finds only foes, for he takes the treasures that they wish to own and carries them off for reasons unknown. The creators offer the Bandit a dare, taking a strength, skill and cunning so rare. Will the challenge be met by a true champion, or will the Bandit flee, admitting we’ve won?

The first task is to find the great artifacts that the Guardians stole from the treasury racks Great beauty and meaning these artifacts hold, giving prestige and power to the Bandit this bold

A real master can actually conquer a maze, by defeating 4D, it’s most ominous phase. The gates can be broken, one by one, but reaching “The End” has never been done.