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You have two minutes in each building to drive your tank and destroy all weapons containers, avoiding the guard droids. When all containers are destroyed, you can drive deeper into the rebels’ ammunition dump. Every fifth building contains captured nuclear weapons, guarded by a special security droid. Good luck on your mission.


Anarchy has broken out on the planet Sentinel 4, rebels have taken over and the world is in chaos.

You have been chosen for a mission. A mission that if successful will bring down the rebels and restore Sentinel 4 to its old peaceful ways.

You must break into the security complex where the rebel’s weapons and explosives are stored and destroy the entire supply. Peace is in your hands!

Good luck on your mission as the whole of Sentinel 4 is depending on you.

Playing the Game

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Anarchy has broken out on the planet Sentinel 4 and rebels have taken over. You have been chosen for a mission: break into the rebels' ammunition depot and destroy the entire supply, thus dealing a crushing blow to the rebellion. You have been given an ACE Mk.2 Interceptor tank with which to carry out your mission.


In the complex, drive your A.C.E. Mk2 Interceptor unit to destroy all the weapons containers but at the same time, you must avoid the security guard droids as they are deadly to the touch.

When all of the containers have been destroyed the building’s security system will open allowing you to escape deeper into the complex.

There is a time limit of about two minutes to complete the mission in each building, otherwise the security system will detect your presence and drain all oxygen from the building killing intruders.

Every fifth building within the complex contains the rebels' captured nuclear weapons. These buildings are guarded by a special droid which detects the presence of an intruder, following his exact course until it catches and destroys the intruder.

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PROGRAMMER: Michael Sentinella
MUSICIAN: Nigel Grieve