Joystick Action
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⬤   ◯ Fire
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◤   ◹ Fire
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Avenge your stepfather and take back the scrolls of Ketsuin from the wicked Yaemon. Your quest starts outside Quench Heart Keep. Find the keys to gain access to the keep. When you are inside, destroy the guardians but use your limited shuriken wisely. Collect treasure, scrolls and any items you find along the way. Escape from the keep and release Kwon to win.


Having successfully completed your training you are now ready to avenge your stepfather and take back the scrolls of Ketsuin from the wicked Yaemon to appease the God Kwon and release him from eternal hell. Your quest starts outside Quench Heart Keep where you must find the keys to gain access. Once inside you must defeat the guardians of the Keep. Beware, as they must be overcome in a specific way and in a certain order. Use your Shuriken wisely as once used you only have unarmed combat to rely on.

As you fight your way through the many adversaries you may call on the God Kwon to replenish your endurance and inner force, but beware his temper is short and you may anger him. To complete the game you must collect the scrolls and escape from the Keep having avenged the death of your Father and releasing Kwon from the power of Yaemon.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

Use your Joystick to explore the land, pressing FIRE to throw shuriken at your enemies. In close combat, press FIRE and a direction to vanquish your foes. Walk over items to pick them up. Doors will open if you have a key, but each key can only be used once.

Useful items

Magic sword, keys, shuriken, treasure, crowbar, iron first, amulet, charms, a container, magic cord.

Screenshot 02

Playing tip:

Treasure can be collected for your personal gain but do not let greed affect your judgement!


Full colour four way scroll over a massive 300 screens of playing area within the 6 floors of the Keep. Interactive sound FX. Intelligent enemies, trap doors to go up, grills to go down, wells, living floors, informative scrolling messages from Kwon, deadly spiders and numerous other enemies.

Screenshot 03


PROGRAMMER(S): Jason Perkins, Mark Charles Rogers
MUSICIAN: Ben Daglish