Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ Go to Furthest Friendly Base
◤   ◹ Fire
●○○○ Turn Vehicle Around
○●○○ Raise Winch (Helicopter)
○○●○ Lower Winch (Helicopter)

Battle Valley

Capture all terrorist bases in Battle Valley and eliminate two stolen missiles, before the countdown reaches zero. Three bases are located in each direction. Most weapons are eliminated using the helicopter, with the rest requiring the tank. Use the helicopter's winch to collect pontoons to mend bridges, or collect ammunition. Reload the tank at ammunition dumps.


The peace summit was successful. An arms treaty has been signed. All medium range missiles have been destroyed… except for two which have been captured by a group who plan to destroy the Western World unless their fellow members are released from a penitentiary in the United States.

Your task, as a mercenary employed by the United States Government, is to capture the enemy bases in their desert outpost - Battle Valley - and eliminate the two missiles.


After the game has launched, press FIRE to access the options page where you can select:

Key Function
F1 One or Two players
F3 Music On/Off
F5 Double Fire Mode On/Off

Press the joystick FIRE button to start the game from here.

When on a base:

Control Function
LEFT/RIGHT Select tank
UP Select helicopter
INST/DEL Transfer to furthest captured base on far side of HQ

Controlling a tank or helicopter:

Control Function
LEFT/RIGHT Move left/right
UP/DOWN Gun barrel up/down (tank)
UP/DOWN Fly up/down (helicopter)
FIRE Fire shells or rockets
F1-F7 F1 = slow speed, F7 = fast speed
SPACE Turn tank or helicopter round.

Using the helicopter’s winch:

Control Function
SPACE Halts the helicopter
F1 Raise winch
F3 Lower winch

Double Fire Mode

When double fire mode is set on the option pages, speed and direction can be changed using the joystick instead of the function keys. For example, to increase/decrease speed when facing right, push joystick RIGHT/LEFT and press FIRE twice quickly. To stop, centre the joystick and press FIRE twice quickly.


Target Points
Anti Aircraft Cannon 1250
Land Based Missile 300
Missiles Launch Pad 2000
Missile Carrier 1000
Missile Launcher 2000
Storage Silo 300
Early Warning Station 2000
Rocket Launcher 800
Anti Aircraft Gun 750
Defensive Cannon 1250
Fuel Tanker 300
Rapid Fire Launcher 750
Ammunition Truck 300
Fuel Tank 400
Military Outpost 1750
Transmission Mast 1000

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

The player starts off at his central HQ and his aim is to progress from there to capture all enemy bases, three located in either direction. Then the two missiles have to be destroyed in their silos, found beyond the two farthest bases. This must all be completed before the countdown reaches zero, otherwise the missiles will be launched and the world destroyed.

Screenshot 02

In between the bases lie many different weapons, which steadily increase in speed and complexity as more ground is covered. Most of the weapons can be eliminated by using the helicopter. The remainder must be destroyed using the tank. Note that the enemy bases and the missile silos themselves can only be destroyed by the tank.

Screenshot 03

The helicopter has a winch which is used to collect pontoons for mending broken bridges or to collect extra ammunition from rooftops. The tank collects ammunition when it is halted on the grid at an ammo dump.


PROGRAM: Simon Wellard
GRAPHICS: Mark Washbrook
MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS: Jeroen Tel, Charles Deenan