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Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash™ is the legendary action-puzzle game. Dig through caves collecting gems and dash to reach the exit in time, trapping or avoiding various dangerous creatures while dodging obstacles like falling boulders, avalanches or underground explosions. New exciting versions are also available. Please check


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Search throughout each CAVE and collect as many Jewels in as short a time as possible. once the indicated amount of Jewels are collected, the door to the mysterious escape tunnel is revealed and you go to the next level. Strategy and planning will help you master the “physics” of Boulder Dash. Boulders drop predictably enough, but you and Rockford also have to block growing Amoebas, transform Butterflies, outmanoeuvre Fireflies, and overcome other numerous obstacles.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

To select the number of players and joysticks, press F3 to go through the options:

Players Joysticks
1 1
2 1
2 2

Caves and Levels

There are 16 CAVES, each comprised of several scrolling screens, numbered A to P. Each CAVE has 5 Difficulty Levels. To select a different CAVE, move the Joystick LEFT or RIGHT when you are in the menu screen. To select a different Difficulty Level, go to the menu screen and move the Joystick UP or DOWN. The greater the difficulty the less time you have and the more Jewels you have to collect. You may choose CAVE A, E, I or M on Difficulty Levels 1 - 3. On Difficulty levels 4 and 5, you must start with CAVE A.

After making a selection, press FIRE to begin the game.

Cave Type Description
A+ Intro Pick up Jewels and exit before time is up
B Rooms Pick up Jewels, but you must move boulders to get all the Jewels
C Maze Pick up Jewels. You must get every Jewel to exit
D Butterflies Drop boulders on Butterflies to create Jewels
E+ Guards The Jewels are there for the grabbing, but they are guarded by the deadly Fireflies
F Firefly Dens Each Firefly is guarding a Jewel
G Amoeba Surround the Amoeba with boulders, so it can’t grow anymore. Pick up Jewels that are created when it suffocates
H Enchanted Wall Activate the Enchanted Wall and create as many Jewels as you can
I+ Greed You have to get a lot of Jewels here, lucky there are so many
J Tracks Get the Jewels, avoid the Fireflies
K Crowd You must move a lot of boulders around in some tight spaces
L Walls You must blast through walls to get at some of the Jewels. Drop a boulder on a Firefly at the right time and place to do this
M+ Apocalypse Bring the Butterflies and Amoeba together and watch the Jewels fly
N Zigzag Magically transform the Butterflies into Jewels, but don’t waste any boulders and watch out for the Fireflies
O Funnel There is an Enchanted Wall at the bottom of the rock funnel
P Enchanted Boxes The top of each square room is an Enchanted Wall, but you’ll have to blast your way inside

(+ = Selectable)


Each player starts with 3 chances. Bonus tries are awarded after every 500 points. The tunnels created by Rockford will “shimmer” when you are awarded a bonus try. A bonus is also earned by completing a Playable Intermission If you get stuck with no way out, you can restart a level by pressing button A, but it will cost you one of your tries (referred to as ‘MEN’ in the game itself).


The current point value is shown on the top-left of the play screen, to the right of the picture of a Jewel. The number of points per Jewel changes. The point value is determined by the CAVE, Difficulty Level, and bonus status. The bonus value occurs after the required number of jewels have been collected. Every 500 points the tunnel will sparkle for a moment and you get another Rockford.

Screenshot 02

You also score 1 bonus point for each second of time remaining when you exit the CAVE.

Playable Intermissions

There are 4 short interactive puzzles which you are entitled to play after completing CAVES D, H, L and P. There is no penalty for not playing or losing the intermissions. If you complete a Playable Intermission successfully, you receive a bonus Rockford.

Game Elements

Name Description
ROCKFORD This little fellow is the ‘star’ of the game. Rockford has the power to dig through the earth and collect Jewels. If he digs under a boulder and doesn’t stop, he will not be struck and the boulder will drop down into the tunnel. He can push single boulders horizontally, if there is nothing to block their path. Rockford can stand directly under a boulder without being crushed, but if a boulder or Jewel falls on him you will have to start again
Boulders The rocks will fall whenever gravity dictates. They will fall straight down if unsupported, or they will topple off underlying objects if there is nothing to block their way. Experimentation is the best way to learn the “physics” of Boulder Dash
Jewels You must collect the required number of gleaming diamonds in order to exit one CAVE and advance to the next. There are many ways to create Jewels. For example: transforming Butterflies, suffocating Amoebas, or dropping boulders through an Enchanted Wall will create additional Jewels. When the proper number of Jewels have been collected a flash will let you know that the escape door is revealed and open
Fireflies The deadly Fireflies glide about in the tunnels. Their behaviour is predictable; they move along the edges of all the exposed areas. This is a help, since they will explode on contact with Rockford. Turn the tables by dropping boulders on them, which causes them to blow up. This comes in handy when you want to demolish a wall in order to get some Jewels
Butterflies The colourful Butterflies behave much like Fireflies. However, they fly in the opposite direction of the Fireflies and they turn into Jewels when they explode
Amoeba The Amoeba is a green blob that bubbles and grows through earth and air. Rockford can touch it without harm. Fireflies and Butterflies will explode on contact with the Amoeba. When Rockford surrounds the Amoeba with rocks, it runs out of growing space, suffocates and turns into Jewels. However, if the Amoeba grows too large (about 200 squares big) it will die and turn into boulders
Enchanted Wall The Enchanted Wall looks like any other wall, however when hit by a falling boulder it begins to vibrate for a limited time. During this period, any boulders that drop through it are magically turned to Jewels, but only if there is space below the wall. It will also turn Jewels into boulders if they drop through it. Once the enchantment phase is complete, it cannot be reactivated in the same round
Titanium Wall The exterior wall is an indestructible boundary to play action. Rockford can only exit to the next CAVE through the escape door
Escape Door Initially the Escape Door looks like a portion of the Titanium Wall. After Rockford has collected the required amount of Jewels, it is activated and begins to flash. At this point the mysterious escape door is revealed and you may exit, providing time doesn’t run out
Time each CAVE is timed. When time is running out a warning sound will occur


Name Description
Rockford Rockford can affect an object that is next to him without moving into it. Keep FIRE pressed and move the Joystick in the direction of the object or earth you wish to affect. Rockford will not move, but the object will react
Boulders You will often find yourself digging or moving downwards only to find a boulder has been toppled by your movement and is about to land on you. The only way to avoid losing your man in these situations is to move quickly to the right or left, out of the boulder’s way. Rockford runs as fast as a boulder falls, so it will never catch up to you, unless you hesitate or stop
Exit When Rockford has collected the required amount of Jewels for the CAVE he is in, the Exit is revealed. At this time you should decide whether to go for bonus Jewels (at a higher value) or to exit for the time bonus point (1 for each second remaining). Make sure you know the location of the escape door and you can get to it before time runs out

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