Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ Speed Up Spark
◤   ◹ Fire
●○○○ Instructions
○●○○ One/Two Player mode
○○●○ Music on/off


Explode every confuzion bomb in an industrial plant across 64 factory levels, with eight sections on eight floors. You have access to the first level of each of the first six sections. Guide the burning fuze to each bomb by sliding the pallets used to move the bomb components. Some sections have factory sprinklers to extinguish the fuze.


The fuzion of mind and machine.

A huge 64-story automated industrial plant used for production & storage of deadly Confuzion Bombs versus a highly intelligent and quick thinking mind (yours!)


You are in a huge 64-story automated industrial plant that is used for the production and storage of deadly Confuzion Bombs. This place is considered to be one of the greatest threats to mankind. Having gained access to the computer control room - your mission now is to explode every bomb on all of the factory’s 64 levels.

Factory information

64 levels (8 sections with 8 floors)

Section Level
1 1-8
2 9-16
3 17-24
4 25-32
5 33-40
6 41-48
7 49-56
8 57-64

You have authorized access to the first level of each of the first six sections (1, 9, 17, 25, 33 & 41). The assembly lines consist of sliding pallets which were used for the movement of the components. The pallets are left covered in sections of fuse wire.


To destroy the complete complex by eliminating the entire explosive stockpile.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

Confuzion can be controlled by the keyboard or joystick. Upon loading the keyboard controls are set as:

Action Key
Left ,
Right .
Up a
Down z
Abort <- (Back key)
Speed Space

From the title screen:

Key Function
R Redefine the keys
I Instructions
P Player Mode 1 or 2
M Music on or off
D Demonstration
Space/FIRE Select the starting level.

Select level screen:

Action Key
UP Step up level
Down Step down level
LEFT or RIGHT Select Skill
Level Skip
Space/FIRE Start Game

Skill Stepping

This feature allows you to continue from the last level completed in your previous game provided you answer Yes to the new game prompt.

Action Description

During Play

Screenshot 02

Move pallets into the adjacent space using up, down, left, and right controls. Lay a fuse and blow up the bombs.

Key Function
Space/FIRE To speed up spark
<- (Back key) Abort Game (press key twice!)

All bombs should be destroyed before the timer fuse burns out - watch this at the top of the screen. Look out for warning signs when the timer is low. Running into dead ends, solid blocks or off the edge of a pallet will reduce the life of the spark.


Option Description
DEMONSTRATION Watch the demonstration for some useful playing tactics
PRACTICE Level 1 is ideal for becoming familiar with the controls
SPARKS You begin with 5 sparks and will be awarded a Bonus spark after every 4th level
BONUS LEVELS You have no information on Bonus levels other than they occur every 8th level ?!?
SPRINKLER SYSTEM In certain areas the factory sprinkler system releases water droplets which will extinguish the spark if they collide with it

2 Player Consideration Option

Whilst competing with opponents you can amass 6 bonus spark in the time it takes to loose all yours, Confuzion allows you to restart your game without having to wait for the other player to finish.

Planning Ahead

While a bomb is exploding advanced players can program a route into a buffer which will be executed at high speed on completion of the explosion.

Screenshot 03


PROGRAMMER: Paul Shirley
MUSICIAN: Rob Hubbard