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Cosmic Causeway

Thunder along 24 perilous new courses in six sections. Negotiate obstacles and aliens and collect credits (white disks). At the end of each section is a dragon you must defeat. Time remaining at the end of a level is carried forward to the next. Remaining time is converted into bonus points. Shoot aliens by pushing FORWARD.



When we brought you TRAILBLAZER, we pushed your reflexes to the limit.

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That was your training… Now here is the REAL challenge. Retaining all the breathtaking speed and exhilaration of Trailblazer, COSMIC CAUSEWAY packs in more exciting new features than you could ever wish for.

Thunder along 24 perilous new courses, negotiating the obstacles and aliens along the way, collecting credits to improve your chances.

Playing the Game

Cosmic Causeway comprises of 24 levels in six sections. At the end of each section, you will encounter a dragon which you must repeatedly shoot to destroy, while avoiding the fireballs it spits. Any time remaining at the end of each level will be carried forward to each section, your remaining time will be converted into bonus points.

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Colliding with the shimmering white disks will award you between one and three credits, which you can then spend on ICON features.

These are:-

ICON Effect Cost (Credits)
SCORE X 3 Multiples your present score by three 2
ROLL ON CEILING Where there is one! 3
CYAN DEACTIVATE Makes cyan squares behave like brown ones 3
PURPLE DEACTIVATE Allows you to roll over purple squares 4
TURBO Great speed. If speed is enough you can smash through walls 5
SHIELD Collision with aliens won’t throw you off course, but will destroy them and gain you points 6
ROLL-OVER HOLES Lets you do just that! 7
TIME RETARDER Slows the timer to half speed 7

These icon’s features last for one level only. Select the icon you want at the start of the level by pressing FIRE when your desired icon light up.

Aliens can be shot by pushing the joystick FORWARD (UP). However, obstacles such as trees, boulders, etc., cannot be shot and must be avoided. Points are gained for colliding with targets but not for shooting them. As you travel down COSMIC CAUSEWAY you will encounter walls with one of the three types of doorway through which you must pass. Some doors open and close all the time, some open only as you approach and some will begin to close as you approach.

Types of Square

Colour Effect
BROWN Safe square
GREY Marks the end of a level. This is where you can select your icons. The timer will not start until you leave this area.
BLUE Bounce you in the air
GREEN Speeds you up
RED Slows you down
PURPLE Bounces you backwards down the course
CYAN Reverse left/right controls. On higher levels some red squares behave like cyan ones
BLACK Into the abyss - avoid these!


Type Score
SQUARE 1 point each
DRAGONS 1000 to 5000 points
ALIENS 50 to 200 points
TARGETS 200 to 500 points
END OF LEVEL BONUS depending on time
END OF SECTION BONUS depending on time

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Use a joystick SHIFT LOCK turns the music on/off


PROGRAMMER: Shaun Southern
GRAPHICS: Andrew Morris