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Cyberdyne Warrior

You are the last cyberdyne warrior. Locate droids on each of three planets and return them to the satellite. Destroy inhabitants with your machine gun to reach the droids. Purchase energy by collecting coins and transporting to the satellite with a droid. Delay the droids activated self-destruct mechanisms to get you more time.


The game is based around 3 planets, each with an orbiting Prison Satellite. For each satellite captive droids escape and, using on board transporters, beam down to the planets below. As the transporters were built for humans only, the droids self destruct mechanisms are accidentally activated. Unless the droids are recovered within the time limit, the planet will be destroyed and you with it.

Playing the Game

You are the last CYBERDYNE WARRIOR and it is up to you to locate the droids and return them to the satellite. There are numerous inhabitants who may have to be destroyed in order to reach the droids. You have at your disposal a machine gun which can have its speed and calibre modified, with extra ammunition also available. It is possible to delay the time before the droids self-destruct and you may also purchase energy which may have been lost coming into contact with planet inhabitants.

In order to purchase items you must collect money from the planet and transport to the satellite, with at least one droid. From there you are presented with a menu of items which you may buy. You then return to the planet to continue your mission until all the droids are recovered.

Strobe Mode

Before pressing FIRE to start, you can activate ‘strobe’ mode by pressing Space. A strobing bar appears behind ‘PRESS FIRE TO START’ to confirm. Strobe causes the screen to pulse when the player fires, or kills an alien. It is off by default.

Entering the Game

Pressing FIRE will start the Attract Sequence, and pressing FIRE after the Warrior’s visor has lowered will enter the game. (If FIRE is not pressed from the Attract Sequence, it will carry on and when finished enter the game automatically).

In-Game Controls

Key Effect
RUN/STOP Enables pause. Move the joystick or press FIRE to continue
Q Quits the current game

Listed below is a table showing how to control the warrior:

Warrior Movement Joystick Movement
Run left LEFT
Run right RIGHT
Jump UP


Screenshot 01

Status Description
SCORE This constantly displays the players score (six figures)
STAGE Each of the three planets is one stage and its displayed here
ENERGY The bar reduces as your energy depletes from collisions and fatigue
MM Indicates the current calibre of your weapon (see below)
TIME This constantly decreases, showing the time left to detonation
AUTO The automatic grade of your weapon (1 = slowest shot speed, 7 the fastest)
AMMO Bottom-left shows the number of magazines and bullets within remaining
MONEY The amount of money collected so far
LEDs These squares show the number of droids required to complete the current stage


As the calibre MM value increases, so does the strength of your gun (i.e. aliens will be defeated quicker). The sizes may be one of the following values:

Size Description
4MM Smallest size, weakest impact
6MM Medium impact
8MM Largest and most powerful impact


There is a shop present on board the satellite which will enable you to modify your status. Upon entering the shop they will be presented with the following menu:

Item Cost
TIME 150
AUTO 200

Pushing UP/DOWN on the joystick will move the menu bar up/down, and pressing FIRE will purchase the item. Purchasing will only be permitted if you have enough money and the current item is not already at its maximum grade.

Purchasing Energy will increase your energy level by 10% of its maximum amount.

Extra magazines may be bought by selecting the Ammunition option, adding 5 magazines per purchase.

The current time to detonation may be delayed to a maximum of 999 seconds by buying Time.

The speed that your weapon fires when the fire button is pressed may be adjusted by selecting the Automatic option, increasing the current grade by 1 (maximum being 7). The higher the grade, the faster the gun will fire.

Calibre will modify the power of the player’s weapon. in effect, enabling you to destroy planet inhabitants with fewer shots.

You will be returned back to the planet (and the game) if the Quit option is selected, or if the shop timer reaches 00.


  • Upon collecting a droid, your score increases by 125 points.
  • When entering the shop you will receive a cash bonus per droid. However, this only applies to the first three droids recovered, e.g. if you entered the shop with 6 droids, the first 3 would result in a bonus; the remainder would not. The bonuses are 300 for the first droid, 200 for the second and finally 100 for the third,
  • Droid indicators: When you have picked up a droid, it is classed as collected not recovered. In order to recover it, it must be deposited in the orbiting satellite (which contains the shop). Droid collection is represented by highlighting the current droid L.E.D within the Status strip and shows recovery by fitting it in.

Special Features

Screenshot 02

  • Multi coins: These act in much the same way as standard coins in that when they are collected, you receive a cash bonus. Unlike standard coins these constantly animate through the 4 coin value (5, 10, 50, 100). You must therefore time the collection of this coin carefully, to receive the greatest bonus possible.
  • Hidden coins: Throughout each planet there are several hidden coins. These are invisible to the warrior but may still be collected. However, if you shoot one of these, it will flash enabling you to see it.
  • Blindness: If you come in contact with a skull, you will be blinded, i.e. all platforms will disappear (you may still be able ‘to see aliens). If you shoot, the platforms are illuminated by the flare of your gun, helping you to see where you are going. You may regain your sight by either collecting a droid or returning to the satellite.

Screenshot 03


PROGRAMMER: John Rowlands
MUSICIAN: Steve Rowlands
THANKS: Rob Ellis, Andy Smith