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Complete each optical circuit. The high intensity beam must be reflected, refracted and polarized around the screen to reach the receiver before the energy drains. Obstacles reflect, absorb or transfer the beam. Your laser destroys cells. Position the cursor, then push FIRE and LEFT/RIGHT to rotate the current mirror. Avoid overloading. Beware the gremlins.


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DEFLEKTOR is an experience in laser logic. There are no heroes or foes, just an absorbing challenge in pure skill and technology.

The objective of DEFLEKTOR is to complete each optical circuit.

The laser produces a high intensity beam which must reach the receiver before the energy level is fully drained. This is achieved by reflecting, refracting and polarising the beam around the screen - obstacles in the beam’s path can reflect , absorb or in the case of fibre optics, transfer the beam. You have the power to control the beam, but the route to the receiver is blocked until you have used your laser to destroy all the cells. However, care must be taken to avoid overloading your laser by either hitting the mines or reflecting your beam back along its own path.

But watch out! You are not alone. Beware of the Gremlins!!

Playing the Game

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Controlling Your Laser Beam

The laser can be redirected by adjusting the angle of the mirrors. Auto-revolving mirrors will either stop or rotate faster depending on the direction you attempt to rotate them.

Other items cannot be controlled directly, but can be used to affect the beam in some way , either by reflecting it or redirecting it. In the case of fibre optics, a beam hitting a block, will be transferred to a matching block elsewhere on the screen.

Overload Situations

An overload of your laser can take place by:-

1. Total Reflection: The beam being reflected back along its own path, towards the laser and overheating it. 2. Over Extension: The beam length is loo great, causing laser overload. 3. Mine Alert: The laser beam has collided with a mine creating a power surge with rapid overload.

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In all these situations, you should redirect the beam immediately and wait for the overload indicator to return to zero.

Practice Mode

Because of the extreme skill needed to master DEFLEKTOR, you may play three screens with a very slow energy drain and no risk of overload. Scores achieved in practice mode are not, of course, recorded.


Key Function
Q Quit


Position the cursor, then by holding down FIRE and moving LEFT or RIGHT, rotate the mirror. Pressing FIRE vapourises gremlins directly below the cursor.


PROGRAMMER: Jason Perkins
GRAPHICS: Steve Kerry
DESIGN: Vortex Software