Joystick Action
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Gateway to Apshai

Only the chosen one will succeed! Such a hero must find safe passage through the dangerous underground labyrinth of the famed lost Temple of Apshai, exploring each level before the timer runs out. Along the way they will fight terrifying monsters, avoid the most cunning of traps and collect treasure fit for a king. Are you the one to fulfill this destiny?


“You have a destiny to fulfill!", the unseen voice whispered from out of the darkness.

My teeth chattered, my body shook. In the flickering firelight I rould barely see the outstretched claw and bony finger, pointing directly at me. By Geb’s beard, was I scared!

It happened so fast. Suddenly, just at dusk this evening, those four huge brutes pounded on our cottage door. Thar leader demanded my name. When I answered, he commanded, “Come. Merlis wants to see you - NOW!"

Before I could step back or say anything, the other three had grabbed me and were dragging me out the door. Behind me, my widowed mother gasped, then cried: “Oh - NO, THEY’VE FINALLY COME!"

I looked back, as I was rudely thrust on the back of a gigantic stallion. My poor mother stood in the doorway, her dear face wet with tears, her right hand reaching out - as if her hand could somehow stop them from taking away her only child.

There was a slap on my mount’s flank. The beast leaped forward. I clung to the stallion’s mane for my dear life. Away we galloped, into the twilight. We rode hour after hour, down strange roads and through dark forests. Finally, we rushed up a mountain trail and stopped. To our right a dim light glowed from the rocks. I was pulled off the horse.

“Go youngster, Merlis waits for you inside the cave."

Frightened and trembling, now I stood in the center of a huge cavern. Behind me three ugly witches, shrouded in black, cackled and danced around a giant cauldron, bubbling over a weird fire. Lying on animal skins, in front of me, was a very old man in roughspun priest’s robes.

The robe’s hood hid his face. I could only see two glowing embers where his eyes should be. His extended right arm shook, as if being held up with great effort.

“Youngster, know ye of the disaster on our land… how our crops wither… our flocks dwindle… our cities are dying?"

I nodded.

“Know ye how it is written, that only when we rediscover and reclaim the mighty Temple of Apshai will our people once again prosper?"

I nodded again.

He continued, “Many, many of our bravest have entered the dungeons to search for our lost treasures… to destroy the evil monsters that now inhabit the mazes… to disarm the perilous traps hidden along the passages… “

His arm shook even more violently, “But sadly… all too sadly, none ol them have ever returned."

He paused to let me absorb his words, then continued: “And do ye know that it is also written, that only the blood of Apshai’s greatest warrior will ever be able to reclairn the Temple ol Apshai.. .and get the curse off our land?"

I knew who the old man meant. Often my companions and I had discussed his fabled exploits.

“Has your mother ever told you," he suddenly challenged, “that you are the sapling sprouted frorn his seed, planted over one score and eight seasons ago?"


Dumbfounded, I staggered backwards.



Hard to believe? ‘Til now, I had only daydreamed of heroics. “Pick up those weapons," Merlis said, pointing at the cave floor in front of me, ‘‘Turn around, and go directly East one league. There you will find the pit. Climb down until you discover the entrance to the first level."

“If you survive, you will find, along the way, even more powerful magic weapons to aid your quest."

The old man gave a long, tired mean, fell back, and said no more. I glanced around the cave. The witches had vanished. Turning back lo Merlis, I watched in horror as his cadaver and clothes slowly crumbled into dust.

“Pick up those weapons," something whispered in my mind. I stooped down and picked up a worn leather armor tunic and a short dagger The dagger seemed to emit an enchanted sparkle, even though the light in the cave was so dim that I could barely see the dagger’s handle.

“If you survive, you will find, along the way, even more powerful magic weapons to aid your quest,"

Once again, I looked slowly around… then, I took a deep breath, turned around, and walked out into the morning sunlight.


GATEWAY TO APSHAI is a one player action-adventure. You, the heir of Apshai’s greatest warrior, are trying to find and reclaim a safe passageway through an underground labyrinth to the fabled, lost Temple of Apshai.

Your objective is to successfully complete all eight levels, scoring as many points as you can. You complete each level by moving your figure on the screen with your joystick, through a dungeon maze, fighting off monsters and avoiding traps, while picking up treasures In order to score points.

At the start of the game, you have 5 lives to complete the game. You have approximately six and one-half minutes time to explore as much of each level as you can. Alter six and one half minutes, you are automatically teleported to the start of the next deeper level.


Welcome to the realms of the Gateway to Apshai. The entire game is played using only your joystick, FIRE button, and the three lower function keys: F3, F5 and F7 (or buttons A, B and C on THEC64 Joystick). You move on the screen by pushing your Joystick in the direction you wish to go. The three function keys supply various options (described under HOW TO USE THE FUNCTION KEYS) selected by the FIRE button.

At the start of the game, the computer prompts you through two information screens.


Screenshot 01

This Is your Status Screen. Your health is the sum of your three characteristics: strength, agility, and luck. During the course of play, the computer may award Bonus Points to your strength, agility, or luck; and in turn, the same number of points will be added to your health.

If a monster or trap wounds you, then points will be deducted from your health, but not from your characteristics. II your health falls to zero, you lose your current life. Lose 5 lives and the game is over. If you wish to view this screen during game play, press the F5 key (or button B) until “CHECK STATUS” appears on the top of the game screen, then press the FIRE button.


Screenshot 02

This is your Weapon Screen. The equipment listed is the weapons and armor you have in your hands at any given time, ready to use. When you start the game, you are equipped with only a dagger and leather armor. It is essential to your survival that, on each level, you seek out and pick up all the more powerful weapons and armor you can. You will need them to survive the even greater dangers you will encounter on the next level down. To view this screen during game play, press the F5 key (or button B) until “CHECK WEAPONS” appears on the top of the game screen, then press the FIRE button. To use your weapons during the game you must press the F7 key (or button C). This will put you in the fight mode, ready to battle attacking monsters.

At the start of the game, and each time you travel from level to level, you will be asked to choose which of the 16 dungeons you wish to enter on that level. (Shown at the bottom of the Weapon Screen.) Each of the 8 levels of the GATEWAY TO APSHAI has 16 dungeons. Each dungeon has approximately 60 rooms, for a total of over 7500 different rooms for you to explore. Each of the 128 dungeons has a different floor plan. Be especially alert when you enter a new dungeon. The inhabitants and objects will not be where you might expect them.

Choose your dungeon by pushing your joystick one push FORWARD/UP at a time. The screen will cycle through numbers 1-16. (To back up. pull BACKWARD/DOWN on your joystick.) When you have decided which dungeon to enter, press your FIRE button, and you will automatically be transported to the dungeon entrance room. The adjoining rooms will be invisible. Displayed across the top of the screen will be your current score, the level you are on, and the time you have remaining to explore that level which counts down as you play.


You are now ready to begin play. Move your joystick to start the game. Pick up treasures, weapons, spells, and other items by moving your warrior directly over the item. The item you have picked up will be briefly listed on the top of the game screen before being stored in your magical “bag”.

As you pick up various spells, healing aids, and other usable items, these items will appear on your Supplies Screen.


Screenshot 03

This screen always lists what you are presently carrying in your “bag”. (Note that Treasures do not appear on your Supplies Screen; but are converted into points and displayed on the Status Screen.) Pressing the F3 key (or button A) will also display items you have picked up one at a time on the top of the screen.


During play you will continually use the three function keys: F3, F5, and F7 (or buttons A, B and C on THEC64 Joystick). At the start of the game, the information section on the top of the game screen is blank. When you press a function key, you will be offered a choice of either action or information. Your choices will be listed one at a time, on the top of the game screen. When your choice is shown, hit the FIRE button to proceed.

F3 (or button A)

When you press this key, it will display all items you have picked up (one at a time) on the top of the screen except for treasures. The items are Supplies held in your magical “bag” which are shown on your Supplies Screen. When you begin play, your “bag” (Supplies List) is empty and the F3 key will not function until you pick up a usable item,

SPELLS: To use any spell you have picked up, press the F3 key until the spell you wish to use appears on the top of the screen. Then press the FIRE button and the spell will immediately be used up. Once used, it will no longer appear on your Supplies Screen. Therefore, only use them when needed!

WEAPONS: To use any weapon picked up. you must take it out of your “bag” in order to use It. To do this you press the F3 key until the weapon you want is shown on the top of the screen, then press the FIRE button. The weapon will disappear from the top of the screen. It will then appear on the Weapons Screen and can be used at any time. Depending on the type of weapon, it will be added to the list (such as bows and arrows) or replace previous items (i.e., chain armor will replace your leather armor). Such weapons will be used in combat when you are in the Fight Mode, attained by pressing the F7 key (or button C).

F7 (or button C)

As you move swiftly through each dungeons hidden mazes and dangerous passageways, you’ll always need to be alert and ready to do battle with any nasty creature that may suddenly attack you. In order to fight with your dagger or sword. “FIGHT” must appear on the top ol the game screen.

Anytime you press either ot the two function keys, for any reason, you must press the F7 key again in order to use your weapons. Otherwise, you will be unarmed. If you have more than one weapon on your Weapon Screen, you must use the F7 key to choose between weapons. If “FIGHT” is listed, then you may swing your dagger or sword. To select your bow and arrows press the F7 key a second time. II you have magic arrows press the F7 key a third time to select this weapon. To utilize any weapon, press the FIRE button for each arrow shot or swing of the sword. Be certain you are facing in the right direction! Move away from the monster and then use your weapon as you walk toward it. The screen will flash red or green depending on who struck a hit. Red. when the monster struck you and green when you’ve struck the monster. Various monsters take repeated hits to destroy.

F5 (or button B)

Pressing this key allows you to scroll through all your choices one at a time. Each of those choices is listed below.

KEYS: You always have the key to each enclosed, visible door in the dungeon in your hand ready to use. These doors ore shown as dashes within the wall. To open a closed, visible door, position your character directly in front of and facing the door. Press the F5 key (or button B) until the action choice “KEYS* appears on the top of the game screen, then press the **FIRE** button and the door will open.

LOCATE TRAP: This action choice reveals invisible traps most often found under treasure chests. When you run into a trap, the type of trap will appear on the top of the game screen and points may be subtracted from your health. It is up to you to decide to get a treasure or to avoid it completely when you are low on health. The location of a trap may be revealed by pressing the F5 key (or button B) until LOCATE TRAP appears on the lop of the game screen, then press the FIRE button. Only one trap will be revealed at a time.

SEARCH SPELL: This action choice allows you to search a room for secret doors To use your “SEARCH SPELL”, press the F5 key (or button B) until “SEARCH SPELL” appears on the top of the game screen, then press the FIRE button. A door will appear if there was one hidden; if there is none, nothing will occur.

DROP ITEM; To drop an item from your “bag” press the F5 key (or button B) until “DROP ITEM” appears at the lop of the game screen, then press the FIRE button. Your Supplies Screen will appear with a prompt at the bottom. Pull your joystick BACKWARD/DOWN until the arrow points to the item you wish to discard, then press the FIRE button. To resume game play, press the FIRE button again. If you do not wish to discard an item, pull your joystick BACKWARD/DOWN until the arrow disappears, and then press your FIRE button. This will return you into the dungeon. Note: You must have supplies shown on your Supplies Screen in order to drop an item.

CHECK SUPPLIES: Brings up the Supplies Screen. Press the FIRE button to return into the dungeon.

CHECK STATUS: Brings up the Status Screen. Press the FIRE button to return into the dungeon.

CHECK WEAPONS: Brings up the Weapons Screen. Press the FIRE button to return into the dungeon.

NEXT LEVEL: To go to the next level, press the F5 key (or button B) until “NEXT LEVEL” appears on the top of the game screen. Press the FIRE button, and a prompt “PUSH TO CONFIRM” will appear. If you wish to continue to the next level, press the FIRE button. If you do not wish to go on to the next level, press any function key (or button A, B or C).

Screenshot 04


You score points by picking up treasures. The types of treasures are: necklaces, chests, coffers, chalices, sceptres, crowns, and plaques. The number of points you score is determined proportionally by what material the treasure is made out of, multiplied by the number of the level where you found the treasure.

For example: if you found a gold crown on Level Six, and gold treasures have a basic point value of 100; then 600 points would be added to your score, (100 x 6 = 600).


Material Points
Lead = 0
Silver = 50
Iron = 10
Gold = 100
Bronze = 25
Jeweled = 1000

You pick up treasures, or any other object, by moving your figure directly ovet the item. As soon as you pick the treasure up, its name is briefly listed, and the points are automatically added to your current score,


To play GATEWAY TO APSHAI again, simply press the RESTORE key (or press the MENU button, select EXIT and then launch the game again from THEC64 carousel), and a new game will reboot from the beginning. Soon, you will find yourself at the entrance to the dungeon you choose, on Level One.


Make a map of each dungeons maze the first couple of times that you play. Write on the map the locations of objects, monsters, and traps. Thus, you’ll find what you need faster, and avoid dangers in subsequent games.

1. MONSTERS & TRAPS: When you meet a monster you have one of two choices: either to run away from it as fast as you can, or fight. If you fight, be sure and check your health after the battle. When you’re wounded, points are deducted from your health They fall to zero; you die.

Health points are also deducted when you are caught by many of the traps; although some, such as the Freeze or Teleport traps have dltlerent results.

2. WEAPONS, MAGIC & HEALING POTIONS: A weapons power will be obvious by its name. And, so will a spell’s power. Other magic, such as the Luck Charm and the Agility Amulet, will add points to your luck and agility, respectively. When your health points fall low. take a healing salve or potion, in order to restore your health.

3. TREASURES; The deeper the treasure, the more points it will score for you. Therefore, you might not want to waste too much time hunting for treasures on the first three or four levels. But remember; the more valuable the treasure, the greater the risk.

Screenshot 05

Good luck in your quest!


Programmed by The Connelly Group
Music and graphics by The Connelly Group