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Gribbly's day Out

Rescue eight gribblets on each of the sixteen levels, taking them to the safe cave before the creatures do. The psi net constrains Gribbly Grobbly in his mission, but it also protects from Seon the Blagborian. The psi net can be switched on and off during the game. Round up the gribblets hiding behind rocks, over lakes and the floating islands to win.


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Welcome to the planet Blagbor, the home of the Gribblets! The surrounding hills are inhabited by primitive creatures, whose only aim is to kidnap the Gribblets, and Seon, a dangerous Blagborian, lurks behind the psi net in the sky. Can you round up all the Gribblets that are hidden behind rocks, over lakes and on mysteriously floating islands on time and bring them to safety?

Playing the Game

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As ‘Gribbly Grobbly’ you need to collect in 16 different levels each eight Gribblets before the creatures get them and take them to the safe cave. These creatures go through several metamorphoses. First they fall from the sky like seeds, land and then turn to green worms. If they tread on a Gribblet it will turn on its back, but it can be turned again by a jump from Gribbly Grobbly. After a while the green worms pupate and a bit later they evolve as skull worms. When they meet a turned Gribblet, they catch it and fly around with it.

Gribbly Grobbly can bubble away the creatures in all stages except as walking skull worms. If a Gribblet is kidnapped by a skull worm, you should try to free the Gribblet over clear ground, otherwise it will fall into death. The psi net constrains Gribbly Grobbly in his mission, but it can be switched on and off at the points. At the same time, the psi net protects from Seon the black beast.

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PROGRAMMER: Andrew Braybrook
MUSICIAN: Steve Turner