Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ Fire
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Find six missing pages from the magical book of Heartland, destroy the six dark pages created by the dreaded warlock Midan and beware his followers. Their spells distract you from your goal. Your spells include a top hat, swords, fireballs, bubbles and stars. Collect the book first to help you find each page. The bed takes you to the next land.


Attics are always pretty interesting places, all sorts of old family heirlooms; swords, pictures, trunks, old clothes and books, can be found waiting to be re-used, looked at or in, worn and read. One rainy day, having nothing better to do, you find yourself rummaging through the relics in your Grandmother’s attic and come across an old battered book. The tale it contains is one of ancient magic, telling of days when Wizards ruled and monsters roamed, it is the history of the Heartland.

As you read, invoking the book’s subtle magic, you find yourself on a quest, roaming the lands following the deeds of the Hero Wizard Eldritch, whose plump appearance, top hat, and travelling bed are ridiculed only by those foolish enough to want to be splattered by a spell. In days gone by, Eldritch was well known for his ability to slay dragons, rescue distressed damsels, and generally get up the nose of his arch enemy, the dreaded black Warlock, Midan. These days, Eldritch has moved on to other quests but, with an eye to the future, left the book in our world to search for a new hero to help the Heartland in times of dire trouble. As the book progresses, the magic has its way, and the story changes to reveal current events.

The Heartland, once a happy peaceful place, has fallen under the cruel fist of the ruthless Midan and his minions, who roam the lands working their evil ways, creating misery, hate, and building vast glowering fortresses in which to imprison the populace.

As the end of the book approaches you find that, alas, the final chapter is missing and unless it is found, the Heartland will be in the grip of the tyrannical Midan and his followers forever.

Your desperate quest is to locate the last six pages and the original book, cast to the seven winds by Midan in his final battle with Eldritch. To foil any would be heroes, Midan has created six dark pages which, if not destroyed, will cause great bad luck and havoc (GBH) for the citizens of the Heartland for ever more.

Beware of Midan’s followers who are out to stop you, and the spells they weave to distract you from your goal. Some of these spells will wait until you walk into them before they invoke, others will seek you out. The greatest danger is from Midan himself who has discovered your presence in the Heartland. Even as you start your quest, his evil magic is at work on the book, weakening its magic and limiting your time in each land. Each time evil touches you, his strength will grow and he will reveal his face - The Face of Death.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

Joystick Controls

Function Joystick Move
Left, Right & Turn LEFT/RIGHT
Through door out of screen DOWN
Through door into screen and jump UP
Shoot/Use bed FIRE


Spell Description
Top Hat Your main weapon needs three shots to kill, but lasts forever
Swords Takes two shots to kill
Fireball One shot will do the job
Bubbles Helps fight the growing strength of Midan
Small Stars Make you immune to other spells
Large Stars Drains your strength very quickly
The Book You must collect this first as it tells you where the pages are
Pages Collect six white and destroy six dark
Bed After collecting a page, this will take you to the next land, don’t lose it

Screenshot 02


Enemy Description
Wizards Touching these sap your will, they also fire at it
Gooch Killing these is only an ephemeral solution
Spacemen Do Not Touch


PROGRAMMER: Keith Robinson
MUSICIAN: Keith Tinman