Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ Fire
◤   ◹ Fire
●○○○ Operate switch -on/off
○●○○ Drops main gun in the Door screen
○○●○ Operates the energy bomb


Control a droid named Herobot to collect six parts of a large particle destroyer from around an enemy base, shooting other ASP droids, pressing switches then reaching the exit room with a large door that leads to the main computer. Log in to the computer and download vital data before returning to the docking bay to escape.


The Alliance of Space Pilots - an anarchic organization which roams space, ransacking remote colony planets and hijacking travellers - have raided an interplanetary weapons development laboratory, capturing the Z RAY PARTICLE ACCELERATOR which could reduce a whole planet to dust.

Some members of the organization are against this move and have broken away, determined to destroy the deadly machine. Their plan is to send a droid to the ASP’s base with the aim of logging onto the main computer thus gaining information concerning the location of the Z RAY. So a class IV droid nicknamed ‘Herobot’ has boarded the base in the guise of an ASP reconnaissance droid.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

You must collect six parts of a large particle destroyer which can be located throughout the base. You must then make your way to a room with a conspicuously large door barring an exit. Drop the gun and remove the door. This will give you access to a corridor leading to the main computer. Log onto the computer, thus downloading the vital data and make your way back to the docking bay where you will be picked up by an infiltration fighter allowing you to escape.

Screenshot 02


Key Description
F1 Operates any switch turning it either off or on
F3 Drops the main gun if you are in the “door” screen
F7 Operates the energy bomb

Alternatively, use THEC64 Joystick buttons A, B and C.

Key Description
F5 Pauses the game. Depress FIRE button to restart
BACK Aborts the game during pause mode

… or just press THEC64 Joystick’s MENU button to suspend the game, then select ‘Exit’ to quit, and then press FIRE to launch the game again.

Screenshot 03


PROGRAMMER: Steven Collins
MUSICIAN: Nigel Grieve