Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ 1 Player, Dual Enemies, Dual Allies mode
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Mega Apocalypse

Explore the universe, boldly seeking out strange and exciting new worlds. If you find any, your instructions are quite clear: blast the living daylights out of them. Grab the useful objects that some of them leave behind, before somebody else does. Simultaneous two-player mode can be cooperative or competitive.


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Find strange and exciting new worlds….then blast them to pieces!!!!


One player, two players (dual allies or dual enemies). Five channel sound which utilises two separate speech channels with sampled dialogue and effects. Super fast 360 degrees fire power. Collectable pods to enhance your spacecraft\xB4s shield, fire power, manoeuvrability and speed, Hi-Score, ultra score and galactic hall of fame.

Playing the Game

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You are now the proud owner of the most mega-advanced super shoot\xB4em up game ever.

It is a very strange universe really - isn\xB4t it? All those millions of planets and moons and stars and comets swirling about in the vastness of space. Imagine what fun it would be to explore - to boldly go where no boldly goer had boldly gone before - unless they happened to live there. Latest research from the Institute of Advanced Research (I.A.R.) indicated that there are quite a lot of planets with things living on them. Some of these things are pretty intelligent like us really. Other of these things are really stupid, like whelks, for example. Anyway, to cut a long story short, you have been selected to explore the universe, boldly seeking out strange and exciting new worlds. If you find any, your instructions are quite clear. BLAST THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS OUT OF THEM!!

As you set off in your remarkably fast and powerful spacecraft - your mind is tingling with excitement. Slowly you hurtle at excessive speeds into the void - blasting a stray comet into a million shimmering pieces!

Your world is suddenly filled with highly useful objects floating aimlessly in front of you. Things like missiles, rotate motors, speed up thrusts (I ask you… is this likely!), shields and - yep - extra lives. Frantically, you try to capture them. But what\xB4s this? Someone else is also trying to grab these goodies. His shield is impervious to your laser bolts. Oh no!! And what\xB4s this? It\xB4s an enormous and highly populated planet… WHAM!!! BLAM!!! KERPOW!!! WOW!!! It\xB4s Mega Apocalypse.

Have fun!!

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Key/button Where Description
F1 or THEC64 TR button Title Screen One player, dual enemies, dual allies mode
CBM-KEY or THEC64 MENU button During game Pause on/off
Q or THEC64 MENU ‘Exit’ option During game Quit current game (from pause mode only!)
CBM-KEY and Q During game Star mode for insomniacs

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GRAPHICS: Bob Stevenson
MUSICIAN: Rob Hubbard