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Mission A.D.

You are agent 1Y, and somehow you have been transported into the future. Your mission is to destroy a specified number of a specific robot type within the time limit. Use teleports and lifts to explore each area around Odin's Liverpool head quarters. You should only shoot at things that shoot at you.


As the door slammed shut behind him, agent 1Y turned and fire two explosive bullets at where he thought the lock was. No effect, he was trapped, this mission had always smelled a little funny but then, breaking into Odin’s Liverpool headquarters had not been his idea of fun after all. Trade secrets were not really his game, killing was more the mark! Examining the inside of the cubicle into which he had dodged to avoid the security man, he discovered three buttons set into one wall. Since he couldn’t get out of the door he’d come in, he’d have to do something else. Pressing one of the buttons seemed like the best idea but , which one? Eeny meeny miny mo, shoot a robot in the toe. He stabbed his finger at the top one. The gentle background hum, unnoticed before, began to increase. the gentle ambient light that seemed to come from nowhere in particulr got brighter. Something was happening. The noise rose to a roar sounding as if a sheet of steel, a mile long, was being casually ripped in tow, the light, now a glare, became brighter still.

Blinded and deafened, 1Y was aware of numbers flashing before his eyes. 1986, 1987, 1988, faster and faster, until they became a complete blur. Suddenly, everytihng was normal again, if standing in a cubicle, 1.5 metres square by 2.5 metres high could be described as normal.

As his sight and hearing returned, 1Y decided that either this room was a torture chamber for lazy programmers, or it was something else entirely. Pressing the middle button caused the door to open, not the same as that by which he had gained entry, but an exit nevertheless. Peering cautiously around the door, 1Y noticed that the surroundings had changed. He was in a library.

Looking at some of the books, the reflexes that made him the best liquidator in the world saved his life as he destroyed the robot that hurtled around the corner with its guns blazing. A voice, coming from nowhere in particular, began to whisper..

“You have precisely 16 minutes to destroy…"

As another robot appeared, agent 1Y reduced it to a pile of smoking scrap and turned to see an image lingering in the air. Presumably, this was what he had to destroy. The voice began again..

“Kill these and receive a bonus, do not kill anything that does not shoot at you."

Well at least he was on vaguely familiar ground and knew what he had to do. What he should also have known was that this was the beginning of Mission A.D.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

To Use the Teleports

Move to the centre of the teleport hatch and push UP. Now select your destination by use of UP and DOWN, press FIRE to confirm your decision.

To Use the Lifts

Move to the centre of the lift doors and push either UP or DOWN depending on which level you wish to go to.

Screenshot 02


GRAPHICS: Stuart Fotheringham