Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ One Player
◤   ◹ Fire
●○○○ Two Player
○●○○ Music/Effects on
○○●○ Music/Effects off


Someone on Nebulus has built giant towers in the sea without permission. Start at the bottom and climb to the top to demolish each tower. Use lifts and tunnels. Throw snowballs to destroy or freeze obstacles or creatures. Take care not to fall back into the sea. Catch fish in your submarine while traveling to the next tower.


Down on the planet Nebulus all is not well. Someone or something has been building giant towers in the sea and they didn’t even apply for planning permission.

In the offices of Destructo Inc. you awake from your afternoon nap with the phone almost erupting on your desk. The boss is shouting about some little destruction job he’s got for you. Still half asleep talking about the brand new Mk.7 Mini-Sub he’s got for you and the words “pay rise” you’re out of your office in a flash, leaving the phone dangling out of the window as the boss goes on to talk about the extreme danger involved…

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

You arrive at the bottom of each tower in your trusty submarine. Climb to the top of the tower within the allowed time. The towers are covered with various ledges, tunnels and lifts. You may also discover ledges which dissolve when you stand on them and slippery ledges which will push you left or right.

Flashing blocks and bouncing balls can be destroyed by shooting them but the silver rolling balls can only be stopped in their tracks for a few seconds. All other creatures are indestructible. If hit by a creature, you will tumble off the ledge and land a few levels down. If you fall in the sea, you lose a life.

Entering the final door at the top of the tower sets off the destruction sequence. You are awarded bonuses for the time left and for technique and the tower will crumble into the sea.

When a tower has been destroyed you get back in your submarine and travel underwater to the next tower. During this time you can pick up bonuses by catching fish. This is achieved by shooting air bubbles to capture the fish, which can then be collected.

Screenshot 02


Description Points
Bouncing Ball 100
Flashing Block 50

You also get bonus points while climbing a tower, and an extra life every 5000 points.


Use a joystick.

During a game:

Action Description
Left Walk left
Right Walk right
Up Enter door/go up on lift
Down Go down on lift
Fire Shoot snowball or jump (if pressed while walking)
P Pause game, press fire to restart
RUN/STOP Abort current game

On Title Page:

Action Description
F1 Select ONE player game (default)
F3 Select TWO player game
F5 Music/sound effects ON (default)
F6 Music/sound effects OFF

Technical Data

‘Rotational’ 3D scrolling with precise hidden-surface removal running at 25 frames/second. Multi-layer parallax scrolling on underwater games (50 frames/second). 3 voice sound effects


PROGRAMMER: John M. Phillips
MUSICIAN: John M. Phillips