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Trapped in another world, your only way back is to collect enough diamonds to buy your way out. Dodge acid bubbles, dragons and other creatures. Collect a set amount of diamonds within the time limit and then exit through a teleport. Some rocks can be moved, some can be changed into diamonds. Get extra time from an hour glass and avoid the goat's head.


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You are trapped in another world, a world completely different to the one you know, a world of fantastic structures and strange,wonderful beings, but you are trapped. The only way back into the real world is to collect enough of the local currency to pay your way out otherwise you’ll spend the rest of your days continually dodging acid bubbles, dragons and other such creatures.

Playing the Game

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Your objective is to collect a set amount of diamonds within a time limit and then exit through a teleport. You have to start the level from beginning only if the time limit runs out. In a playing area the following features can be found:

Feature Description
brick just a brick
secret door looks like a brick but has slightly different graphics
demons these spit deadly bubbles
alien generators spit various nasties
alien eggs blast them away if they obstruct your path
movable rocks use them to block alien generators, change them to diamonds by pushing them inside a diamond squeezer and use them to change the course of the mines
diamond squeezer a moving rock when pushed into a diamond squeezer changes to a diamond
metamorphosis walls if a mine hits one of these it changes to four diamonds
scanner mine follows the perimeter of any object clockwise
bounder mine flies in a straight line until it collides with a solid object when it changes direction 90\xBA clockwise
hover mine moves vertically (deadly to touch)
teleport touch a teleport and press fire button to get a fast transport
Goat’s head spits acid blood (deadly to touch)
an hour glass pick it up to get 30 seconds extra time

After shooting the aliens some of them leave behind glowing icons, worth 100, 250, 500 extra points.

  • demon killer: touch a demon to destroy it
  • brick smasher: collide with a brick to break it up
  • surprise bonus: 4 features
  1. extra life
  2. invulnerability (the ship changes colour)
  3. uncontrollable ship (it stops spinning)
  4. reverse controls (the ship changes spinning direction)

Screenshot 02

Avoid the surprise bonus icons if you don’t want to gamble!

Display Information

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  1. Amount of diamonds you have to collect
  2. Amount of demon killers (maximum 9)
  3. Amount of brick smashers (maximum 9)
  4. Score
  5. Level
  6. Armour (maximum 16 shots)
  7. Time remaining
  8. Ships remaining


DESIGNED: Jukka Tapanimaki
PRODUCER: Paul Chamberlain