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Board the spaceship Steel and deactivate the defense system. Collect eight purple cartridges found inside housing magazines with red lights. Deactivate eight active yellow terminals by entering the terminal and shooting the heavily protected data-bus to active the cartridge slot. Insert the cartridges, all found in one room somewhere on the ship to win.


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Deep space ship ‘Steel’ went missing several decades ago. Recently discovered apparently undamaged by a remote probe, it must be recovered.

Your task as a Sentient Type 7 Exploration and Recovery Droid, is to board ship and deactivate the defence system for safe boarding by the follow up crew.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

To collect 8 cartridges around the complex and to activate the cartridge slots by deactivating the 8 active terminals, allowing the cartridges to be inserted into the cartridge slots. The 8 cartridge slots are all located in one room somewhere in the complex.

When your droid is near the cartridge room you are warned by the proximity alert In the centre of the score panel.


Cartridges are purple, and are found in housing magazines which have a red light on top of them.


Screenshot 02

The droids found throughout the complex have different characteristics and strengths. Some retreat, others continue to bump you, and some bounce off you and fire a laser at you. The different types of droid will become apparent during the game.

The Sub-Game

To enter the sub-game, push the joystick UP at an active terminal (indicated by a yellow light). Once in the terminal, the object is to shoot the data-bus on the right hand side of the screen within a set time limit. This is made difficult by rotating drivers in front of the bus. The drivers must be shot away by continuous laser fire. Also the pieces fired from the drivers must be avoided as they deplete the timer in the top left of the screen.

Screenshot 04

If you fail to complete the sub-game, your droid loses some of his energy supply. Each time you complete the sub-game, a cartridge slot in the cartridge room is activated. Then you find the room and insert the cartridge you have collected. Up to three cartridges can be carried at one time (shown at the bottom left of the panel).


Refuelling can be done at refuelling points located randomly around the complex. These are identified by the oscillating graph on their screens. Pushing UP on the joystick and pressing the FIRE button replenishes energy, pushing DOWN and pressing FIRE depletes it. Energy costs you score. Warnings appear on screen when your energy gets too low or too high.

Screenshot 05


These resemble computer terminals and have information scrolling on them. if the light is yellow, it is active. If it’s red then it’s inactive.


You will find a cartridge to collect in the very first location when you begin the game.

Increasing your energy by refuelling is vital to surviving. Find a room where droids won’t disturb you to refuel.

Learning to shoot quickly in the sub-game is equally important.


PROGRAMMER: Imperial Software Designs
MUSICIAN: Gary Biasillo