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Thing on a Spring

The evil goblin is wreaking havoc, casting spells and banishing treasures to his underground factory. Collect nine pieces of jigsaw to make a clue to defeat him. There are traps, guards and ghouls to avoid. Try and spot the five disguised switches that you need if you are to fully explore the whole complex. All you need to keep going is oil for your spring.


The evil goblin is wreaking havoc on an unsuspecting world, casting spells and banishing its treasures to his underground factory deep in the bowels of the earth. How can he be stopped? What can we do? Who can do it? There’s only one savior - our hero - Thing on a Spring! Complete the magical jigsaw and break his fiendish spell!

Our hero has infiltrated the Goblin’s factory. He doesn’t know what to expect or where to go. All he knows is that there are nine pieces of jigsaw he must collect so that when they’re put together, he will have a clue as to how he can kill the evil Goblin.

The Goblin has laid many traps and has forewarned his guards and ghouls that an unwelcome visitor could soon be in their midst. All THING needs to keep going is oil for his spring, which can be found in the factory complex, but beware - as the ghouls and guards are intent on seeing THING seize up and rust!

The Goblin has disguised 5 switches which control gadgets that you must use to explore the whole complex and ensure the demise of the Goblin.

Good luck!

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

When on Lift screens, press the FIRE button to stop the lift. Move RIGHT to exit at the next floor.


Action Points
Collect Jigsaw 400
Oil 100
Switch 200
Kill Goblin 1000

There is also a time-related bonus.

Screenshot 02


PROGRAMMER: Jason Perkins
MUSICIAN: Rob Hubbard