Joystick Action
◯   ⬤ Fire
⬤   ◯ Fire
◸   ◥ Fire
◤   ◹ Fire
●○○○ One Player, One Joystick
○●○○ Two Players, One Joystick
○○●○ Two Players, Two Joysticks


Destroy 15 super-dreadnoughts using your manta class space fighter. Attack enemy fighters then neutralize the surface defenses before you land on the master runway. Keep your nerve to select a big bonus score before the counter reaches zero or you select QUIT. Resuming take-off, blast any remaining surface targets as the super-dreadnought vaporizes.


Screenshot 00

The solar system is under attack! Enemy Super-Dreadnoughts have been placed in orbit around each of the fifteen planets in this galactic sector. They are draining mineral resources from the planetary cores for use in their interstellar power units. Each Super-Dreadnought seeks out a different metal for its metal convertor.

Your Manta class Space Fighter will be transported to each planet in turn and it is your task to destroy each Dreadnought. First you must attack the defensive screen of enemy fighters, then you must neutralise the majority of surface defences before you land on the Super-Dreadnought’s master runway. Once on board you must pull as many fuel rods as possible from the metal converters before you take off for a final strafing run as the Dreadnought vapourises into the ether.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

Your fighter reverses out of the interplanetary transporter and deploys on a low-level strafing run. You must avoid meteor shields and communications aerials on the Dreadnought’s surface. The fighter defences deploy in waves. A bonus is awarded after landing if all ships in a wave are destroyed. Attack surface features to score bonus points but beware of the homing mines which materialise over flashing generator ports.

Destroying a Super-Dreadnought

When the “Land Now” message appears move as soon as possible to the right hand end of the Super-Dreadnought and fly flat over the end of the master runway from left to right. You will land and pass into the fuel rod chamber.

Screenshot 08

Here you must select your bonus or “Quit” by pressing fire at the right moment. You must quit the chamber before the countdown at the top of the screen reaches zero. On take off reverse and strafe any remaining surface targets as the Super-Dreadnought vapourises.

Your Manta Class Fighter

Joystick UP/DOWN sets the position above the Super-Dreadnought, joystick LEFT/RIGHT controls acceleration and deceleration. If your velocity falls too low your fighter performs a half-loop followed by a half-roll so as to face in the opposite direction. This manoeuvre also temporarily increases your height above the surface and may be used to avoid incoming missiles and mines. Your Manta performs a 90 degree roll if you press and hold FIRE whilst moving the joystick UP or DOWN. This enables you to manoeuvre through restricted spaces.

Screenshot 03

Score Table

Target Points
Small explodeable surface feature 10
Large explodeable surface feature 25
Enemy ship on runway 100
Enemy fighter 100-1000
Wave annhilation bonus 100 per wave

A bonus Manta is awarded every 10,000 points.

Screenshot 06

Game Options

During the titles sequence you may select:

Key Action
f1 One player, one joystick, either port
f2 Two players sharing one joystick, either port
f3 Two players, two joysticks
f5 Increase music volume
f6 Decrease music volume
f7 Colour mode
f8 Monochrome mode

Screenshot 07

During play:

Key Function
Run/Stop Pause or resume game
Clr/Home Abandon game (whilst paused)

FIRE will also resume (unpause) the game.

Technical Data

Fifty cycles per second scrolling to single pixel resolution.

Three voice music and sound effects.

Hardware and software sprites.


Uridium designed and programmed by Andrew Braybrook
Music written and programmed by Steven Turner
Name created by Robert 'I thought it really existed' Orchard