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Who Dares Wins II

Armed from the start with an automatic rifle and five grenades, make your way forward to the enemy occupied territory where the opposing battalions are entrenched. Rescue prisoners from your own patriotic forces. Battle through garrisons of the enemy, reclaiming territories as you go. Your grenades replenish from ammunition boxes you find along the way.


Only the bravest volunteer for the ultimate suicide mission to free lost compatriots held prisoner by the armies of death, the forces of oppression. Only the fearless dare take up a challenge where courage and endurance are as essential as intelligence and skill. Compulsive. Action packed. Step forward, modern hero. You’ll never know how good you really are until you’ve tested yourself on the ultimate mission.

Playing the Game

Screenshot 01

Armed at the outset with an automatic rifle and 5 grenades, make your way forward to the enemy occupied territory where the opposing battalions are entrenched in occupied townships and the surrounding districts. The occupation army has formed itself into garrisons where they hold prisoners from your own patriotic forces. Press onward to the first enemy garrison avoiding enemy snipers and hidden obstacles on the way, until you are confronted by the walled compound from which will pour the defending troops. Kill off this attack and you gain entry to the next sector of the enemy territory in search of the next garrison of prisoners. But beware the terrain has changed, the dangers have altered. And on you must battle, clearing your way to the final garrison in the 8th territory where victory should be yours until you learn that your back up forces have lost their hold on your first conquest. And so you must return to reclaim the territories the enemy have regained but this time you’ll find they’re wise to your bravery and the encounters will be even more fierce, the dangers even more cunning.


Your grenades can be replenished from randomly hidden ammunition boxes. If you free a prisoner from execution you earn a high bonus.

Screenshot 03

Reach the top of the screen to gain valuable high ground.

Features and Obstacles

Everything you’d expect in a combat zone and to alert you to the dangers would disturb the balance of the ‘fighting machine’ that you’ve been trained to become.


Action Points
Save a prisoner 800
Grenade hits a building 250

An extra man is awarded at 10,000, 30,000, 50,000 and every multiple of 20,000 points

Screenshot 02


PROGRAMMER: Tommy Atkins
MUSICIAN: Tommy Atkins