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Gridrunner - VIC 20

VIC 20: An incredibly powerful ship, the Gridrunner, has been developed to combat the evil droids invading mankind's huge orbiting solar power station, called the GRID. Your mission is to stop the droids and save the Earth!


Screenshot 00

Press FIRE to begin the game. Push FORWARD/UP on the Joystick to change the skill level.


In the year 2190, the human race has set up a huge solar power collecting station in earth orbit to beam power down to the earth. Because of its lattice-like shape, this power station is known simply as ‘THE GRID’.

Shortly after beginning operation, the GRID was found to be delivering less power than predicated. Investigation teams were sent into orbit. They discovered that the GRID had been invaded by alien DROIDS, who were using its power to reproduce themselves, massing for an invasion of earth. To combat the DROIDS, a special combat ship was developed. Small and incredibly maneuverable, the ship drew its power from the GRID and, with such vast amounts of energy readily available, was able to carry an awesomely powerful plasma cannon.

Screenshot 01

This ship, known as the GRIDRUNNER, was so fast and powerful that, with skilful control, it could annihilate vast amounts of hostile DROIDS.

The DROIDS have 3 main weapons: GRIDSEARCH SQUADS, PODS and X/Y ZAPPERS.


These are linked DROID segments which traverse the GRID horizontally, descending whenever they encounter an obstruction. Each squad has a rotating ‘LEADER DROID’. If the leader is hit the DROID segment behind him takes over. If the squad is hit in the body, it splits in two independent squads. Squads may come in any size, from solitary LEADER DROIDS to linked squads of many DROIDS. Whenever a squad DROID is hit, his body turns into a POD. Squad DROIDS are vulnerable to their own X/Y ZAPPER, and may be hit or split by them.

  1. PODS.

These small yellow devices lodge at the nodes of the GRID, periodically growing in size and changing shape. When they reach the end of their life cycle, they hurtle a single bolt of unstoppable, lethal energy down the GRID. Hitting a POD regresses it one stage in its life cycle. Repeated hits will eventually destroy the POD.


These two ships run along the boundaries of the GRID. Periodically, they stop and the Y-ZAPPER emits a plasma beam. The X-ZAPPER fires a plasma pulse along the GRID, and where the two meet, a new POD forms. it is not wise to get caught in the plasma beam from the Y-ZAPPER. The longer it is on, the more are your chances of losing the ship. The X-ZAPPER’s pulse is always lethal.

Screenshot 02


Your GRIDRUNNER can move freely along the bottom 7 lines of the GRID. You cannot pass through PODS. You will be destroyed if you are hit by a Droid, or the charge from a POD, or the plasma beam of the Y Zapper. use the Joystick to manoeuvre your GRIDRUNNER. The FIRE button activates your plasma cannon. As long as you hold down the FIRE button, your cannon will repeat fire. this is useful for quick annihilation of PODS close to the GRIDRUNNER.


Detail Points/Reward
For each POD successfully destroyed 10 points
For each DROID segment 100 points
For each LEADER DROID 400 points
For zapping 1 gridful of DROIDS 1 extra GRIDRUNNER


There are 31 distinct attack waves. In each wave an ever increasing number of DROIDS are released onto the grid in various attack patterns.

When one wave is entirely cleared, the message GRID ZAPPED appears and an extra GRIDRUNNER awarded (up to a maximum of 9). After a short pause the next gridful will appear.

Screenshot 03


  1. Keep on the move. If you stay in one place, PODS will form above you and often explode while your attention is elsewhere.
  2. Remember to use your full mobility. Don’t just stay on the bottom line. When GRIDSEARCH SQUADS reach the bottom, be prepared for them to re-enter higher up the grid.
  3. Use rapid-fire to clear PODS in your zone. GRIDSEARCHERS will then have to travel right across the screen, giving you more time to pick them off.
  4. Learn the pattern of the X/Y ZAPPERS. it never changes, and once you know it you can avoid the potentially lethal Y-ZAPPER’s beam.
  5. Don’t use rapid-fire all the time. You will survive better if you take the time to aim.

GRIDRUNNER is a very fast game. Don’t let the speed intimidate you. Good players will be looking for scores over 100,000 and aces will be getting over 150,000.


Designed and programmed by: Jeff Minter