Installing THEA500 WHDLoad package

To access WHDLoad programs, THEA500 Mini requires THEA500 WHDLoad Package to be installed on the USB stick containing the programs to be loaded. For full instructions please refer to the user manual.

THEA500 WHDLoad Package v1.0.1 1,636 KB
SHA256 checksum: 7c2962e5c971f70b7baf337f3fe40dcea2b3a894579b84906176cdf7a945d023

After installing or updating THEA500 WHDLoad Package on a USB stick, the THEA500 Mini will need to prepare the contents when you next launch a program stored on it. While doing this the Drive LED will flash regularly, indicating that you should not remove the stick or power off THEA500 Mini.

Changes introduced in version 1.0.1

  • Updates WHDLoad database to the latest
  • Fixes occasional black-screen display

Bonus games

To accompany the WHDLoad feature of THEA500 Mini, we also provide a free download of bonus games, such as Citadel, that you can install and run from your USB stick.