THEC64 Micro Switch Joystick

Available now!

Buying another THEC64 Joystick gives you twice the fun. Now you can play those two-player games together with your friends and family!

Featuring eight independent buttons, you can also map functions to the joystick buttons for programs loaded from a USB memory stick on THEC64 or firmware 1.1.0 (or above) on THEC64 Mini.

The Micro Switch THEC64 Joystick works with THEC64 and with firmware 1.3.1 (or above) on THEC64 Mini.

Designed to invoke memories of the joysticks used on the original computer back in the 80s and 90s, THEC64 Micro Switch Joystick is a USB controller that is also compatible with PC, Mac and Linux computers.